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दुनिया का बोझ- किरणदीप कौर

दुनिया का उठाकर बोझ,
खुद एक बोझ कहलाई है.
हारकर ख़ुशी अपनी,
जीत में दुःख ही लायी है.
होंठो पर लाकर हंसी,
आँखों की नमी छुपायी है.
पत्नी बनकर किसी का घर बसाया,
तकलीफें सहकर माँ कहलाई है.
अँधेरे में रहकर रौशनी बनी खुद
फिर भी क्यों,
ये दुनिया को नहीं दिख पाई है.
आसमान में ऊँचा है इसका वजूद,
समंदर से गहरी इसकी गहराई है.

MAGIC by Manju Chauhan

“Magic” the five letters word, interesting yet mysterious. What is MAGIC? For kids, it is happiness; for adults, it is illusion; and for old people, it is stupidity. People often say, the magic is to show some kind of tricks and befool people's eyes. But, nobody pays attention towards the world's greatest magic i.e. the SMILE on faces of children after watching those tricks. Though, the tricks are to betray human eyes but, still this is the biggest magic.
Everything is magic in the world.... even our existence itself is the nature's most amazing magic. People don't believe in magic because they do not have time to see and think it. No one thinks, a woman puts her life in danger to bring a young one in this beautiful world. Isn't that amazing? How a tiny body grows into an adult like us! We get many bodies in the same birth. Nobody dies with his same body which he got immediately after birth in his old age!
A kid when tossed in air laughs instead of crying because h…