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KNOWLEDGE -Manju Chauhan


Knowledge is the virtue
in Socrates’ view;
It’s an achievement; without any milieu (limits).
Fields are many but sources are few;
It’s an achievement ;
Gives confidence to you.
If you have knowledge
of what, where and why;
by whom, how and when
then you’ll get a clear vision.
Knowledge is a path,
To pull out you from dark;
But a teacher is the torch
To show you the true path.
Knowledge is worthless
Without any use;
As the mango tree is useless,
without any fruits.
A teacher is always true,
He gives us the knowledge ,
of false and true.
Teachers are many , but few are true.
Knowledge is a virtue
In Socrates’ view.

BELIEVE-Neha Vashishta

I believe in my dreams
And I will never lose hope.
I believe in my goal
So with competition I can cope .
I believe in my talent
And will make the best of it.
I believe in my future
For which I’ll bit by bit .
I believe in my abilities
I will make my own name.
I believe I can do it
So I can win life’s game.
I believe in myself
Though the world may not.
I’ll make Impossible possible
Because I believe in myself a lot.
Neha Vashishta
B.A. Final Year (5509)
PGGCG-11, Chandigarh

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God is a great examiner and
We all are examinees.
The life is our answer sheet on which
We have to take the examination.
This world is hall,
Where, we all are seating to give examination.
The time allowed is only three hours,
First hour bell rings at the childhood,
Second at youth,
Third and last is at old age.
Hence examination gets over,
So don’t try to cheat and deceive anyone.
You may lose,
You can’t say that paper was lengthy and
time was short.
If we fail, we have to come back
Again to the same hall in our new life and
If we pass, we quit the hall and
return with no mark!!!!!!! Kanchan
B.A. First Year (1179)
PGGCG-11, Chandigarh

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